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Image Upload and Resize it:

Simple Image Resizer, is free online, photo resizer. When the, size of, your photos matters, you will often, have to give up, its quality. But you, will not have to, make this compromise, with Simple Image Resizer.! You can resize, your pictures, and images, without changing their quality. Simple Image, Resizer does not need, to install any, additional software, on its computer to, do its job. You just go, to and, upload the images, you want to shrink. File formats, supported by Simple, Image Resizer, include JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF. Rockmoney, Image Upload And Resize. For example, in various cases, you can use, a simple image, reseller to resize, photos, and images online: To ensure that, images are being, published, on your website, so that pages load faster, Sending an image, as an email attachment, Posting pictures, on the blog, Posting, photos on Facebook, Google+ and other, social media. Creating Internet, auction pages like, eBay, webstore, OnlineAuction, OZtion, WeBidz, uBid, Allegro. Posting photos, on stage. Including pictures, within Word, or PDF documents. Simple Image, Resizer helps, to reduce picture, size without, losing quality.

Is there any solution.? Yes, there are, two main ways. One of them, is compressing, the image.: compression reduces, file size without, resizing the image, but image quality, will suffer as, you increase, compression and, start losing, more image data. Rockmoney ,Image Upload , Resize The second, solution is to, resize your photo, reducing, the number, of pixels, to store, the image, which reduces, the file size, proportionally. Reducing the, image size, does not reduce, image quality, although, it can lose, some detail, if they become, too small.

Photos using, modern cell phones, and cameras typically, have more, than 6 million pixels, while most, cell phones, tablets, notebooks, or TV screens, have around, 1.5 million pixels, which means, you end up, seeing a modified, version of the, image, Are (you only use, the full image, if you print it). So if, you resize your, image, its width, and height, are reduced, by half, your image, will have the, same number, of pixels compared, to the screen, being displayed, so you, won't lose, any quality, or detail, even, That you will, also be viewing, your image, in full screen mode. Image, Upload And Resize. So remember, if you have a, very large photo, you can reduce, its size, to file, size by 1900, until it, reaches about , 1100 pixels, and with only, a small compression, (about 95% quality,) Getting, JPG image with. By doing this, you will get, a great image, which you can, send to anyone, without spending, a lot of time, or spend a lot, of bandwidth, on your mobile, data plan.